(Maleh Dry Lemon)

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ALL that are dried lemons.

No added colors or sweeteners so you get they real taste ofLEMONS!

These are very low in carbs so they are nice . I recommend them

Lemon is a fruit which contains edible and medical value.

Maleh Dry lemon is selected from fresh lemon, made by the world most advanced dring technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh lemon well. we have got ISO ,CGS

Keep fresh nutrients and pure lemon flavor, good instant
No synthetic pigments, no chemical essences or flavors and no preservative agents.

Packing: 15 kg ,10 kg , 5 kg
Stored: ventilated, dried place preservation
Shelf: 24 months under well storage situation
Free samples for testing!

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Appearance: solid .
Color: yellow, light yellow
Odor: odor of fresh lemon
Ingredient: Natural lemon 100%

—Dried Yellow lemon dryer without direct heat.

—Dried lime dryer without direct heat.

—Dried Lemon without pesticide residues.

maleh dry lemon





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